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Bulletin Issue 10 : February 2015
This Month : Grexit?

Welcome to our Latest Bulletin!

Dear Client,

We hope this bulletin will keep you up-to-date with topical financial matters that can directly affect you… and your money!

Greek Financial Reforms

Greece's huge economic problems and German pressure on Greece to reform continue to weigh heavy on the European stock and bond markets.

The much anticipated deadline extension will give Greece two months (until the end of April) to come up with sufficient financial reforms to satisfy both Germany and the "Troika" of lenders.

Greece has long been our favourite holiday destination, but we find it difficult to imagine them transforming from what is effectively a "black economy" into one where all citizens start paying their fair share of taxes, especially in a short space of time!

Along with Greece, it is the more fragile economies of the Eurozone, such Italy Spain and Portugal, who help to maintain the current status of the Euro as a weak currency. In turn, this greatly benefits the exports of Germany, so our opinion leads us to believe that it's actually unlikely that anyone will actually exit... and thus, the debate will rumble on..

UK Income Tax Receipts High

Income Tax receipts

By contrast, whilst this confusing economic scenario is unfolding in Europe, it is extremely encouraging to learn that, within the United Kingdom, income tax receipts continue to rise and in January they reached their highest levels since records began, almost twenty years ago.

Self-evidently, as income tax is payable on income which has already been earned, this provides a reliable barometer for a steadily improving economy.

NISA Deadline


The end of the 2014/15 tax year is fast approaching and if you wish to add funds to your Portfolio (to utilise this year's NISA or Pension allowances) then please let us know in good time. 

As this year's 'tax year end' falls over the Easter bank holiday weekend we would like to highlight the key dates for MAKING TRANSACT NISA CONTRIBUTIONS. 

The last working day of the tax year is Thursday 2nd April 2015. TRANSACT will be able to accept applications and cheques for the current tax year that are received up until the last post on Wednesday 1st April 2015.

Don't forget, as always the rule is 'Use it or lose it!'

Pension Changes

April 6th also brings key changes to the rules under which you can access your Pension fund and we would be pleased to discuss how this affects you, now or in the future.

regards, Jeremy Hill


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