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Technology gives us access to a vast array of information about investment opportunities

Asset Allocation: Initial Report

Initially, when we review a new client's investments, we frequently discover they include a 'mixed bag' of financial products, which have been acquired over an extended period of time… often in response to a salesman, an advertisement, or even a particular event in their lives. For example: the purchase of a house, a response to changes in taxation, the setting up of a business, or joining an employer’s pension scheme.

Most of us very rarely take the opportunity to properly scrutinise our financial affairs and to ensure that decisions we have made in the past have actually achieved what we originally intended. Further more the products we have bought frequently contain language which confuses us and often there is no satisfactory way of even asking questions.

The Integra process begins here by reviewing ALL of the financial products in your portfolio. We obtain up-to-date valuations from the companies you currently have products with and establish your attitude to risk, along with your long term financial objectives.

Our next step is to determine an appropriate Asset Allocation. The information gathered from the various companies is carefully assessed and using a variety of sophisticated investment instruments we begin to construct your portfolio. Together with our investment team we produce our recommended Asset Allocation, along with a co-ordinated investment strategy designed to meet your investment objectives.

Next we need to find appropriate funds to match the Asset Classes and the details of this Fund selection process are explained within a separate section on this website.

Our recommendations take note of the following areas:

  • The Client's current situation, attitude towards risk, investment objectives and timescales.
  • The recommended Asset Allocation and how it is has been calculated.
  • Information regarding our charges.
  • Individual fact sheets for all of our recommended funds.

The Asset Allocation Process

This diagram explains the process of Asset Allocation in 3 steps:
  • STEP 1:
    A review is made of a client's holdings - pensions, ISAs, PEPs, Cash, etc.
  • STEP 2:
    The collated cash equivalent value is put through the Portfolio Planner
  • STEP 3:
    An appropriate Asset Allocation for a client's wealth
    and circumstance is produced.
These products are brought together through our Portfolio Planner, to become the make-up for the Asset Allocation.

The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and past performance is not a guide to future performance. You may get back less than you invested as investment returns are not guaranteed.


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