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Annual Review: Planning for your Financial Future

Further Education is no longer free and if your children, or grandchildren, hope to attend a private school or go on to university then you should give serious thought to the likely cost and how this can be funded. We can help you understand the financial implications of university fees and arrange your investment strategy to include a provision for this expense.

Life cover and other forms of protection are often a cause for confusion. Therefore, it is important to establish precisely what cover you already have… it may have been taken out by yourself, or you might be covered through an employer's policy. Integra can check whether your existing arrangements are still appropriate to your circumstances and whether more (or less) cover is actually required.

Pension provision is a serious subject which we talk to our clients about on a regular basis. We can not stress strongly enough the importance of understanding your pension arrangements and what it will mean in terms of an income at retirement. We will ask about your pension plans at each annual Review, but are also happy to discuss this with you at any other time.

Life expectation has increased significantly over the past few decades and there are now several important factors to consider, such as inflationary pressure and the impact of failing health. It is more important now than ever before to manage your money properly… before and AFTER you have retired.

Death is a subject that few of us wish to contemplate, but it is important that those who are left behind are well catered for, by establishing a will and through careful Inheritance Tax Planning. In essence, you need to ensure that the Inland Revenue receives as little as possible from your estate after your death. There are several ways of approaching this subject and we can assist you to focus upon the different options.

Savings and Investment. The traditional Bank, Building Society and Post Offices now only pay you very low rates of interest on your money. With the Global Economy as it is then this situation is likely to remain the same for the foreseeable future.* Although we always advocate that our clients have some of their savings readily accessible then now more than ever it pays to look at investments that are not only tax efficient but also provide the opportunity for real capital growth.

*Past or present rates are not necessarily a guide to future interest rates

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